to the four layers of my life:

writing, dancing, maturing, traveling

"Turtle becomes baseball trainer" I confess, as a journalist I did not write about that topic, but....

The State Opera Ballet, Cirque du Soleil and God's Entertainment have not engaged me as a dancer, but.....

Chateau Lafite -Rothschild and I we haven't matured the same way, but....

The Pleiads, Tuvalu and Bishop's Rock haven't been on my travel list, but.......

I'm a journalist, writer, performer, an ageing person and a traveler

My life

What has happened since my birth

•born in Vienna after the end of World War II
•Elementary School, High School.
•PhD from the Vienna University in journalism and art history
University lecturer at the Institute for Journalism and Communication of the Salzburg University
Decades of work as a journalist with the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation ORF (radio and TV)

Idea, conception and realization of “password science” (“password wissenschaft”), a multi-media event at Radiokulturhaus; combines information, music, film, literature, and dance on topics such as nano technology, quantum physics, Einstein, hands, and spiders. A live performance of a dancer from Anton Bruckner Private University Linz was included at the event “In the Clutches of Cupiennius. The Scientist and the Spider”, after an idea by Harmen Tromp.

Numerous moderations and co-operations on folders.

Organization of international cultural events.

Co-founder of the association "ALTERS.KULTUREN" and AGE COMPANY.